Award for police after probe into ABSO gang

Insp Dave Robinson
Insp Dave Robinson
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Police officers have been honoured for their investigation into a group of women who were targeting vulnerable men in Chorley.

Their work was recognised with an ambition award at Lancashire Constabulary’s Bravery And Ambition Awards.

It follows their investigation – named Operation Chastity – into a group of women dubbed Chorley’s Angels, who targeted vulnerable people and offered sexual favours for money.

Four women were given ASBOs after targeting vulnerable people, while a fifth woman was jailed for 44 months and given a five-year criminal anti-social behaviour order (CRASBO) after stealing from vulnerable men.

Insp Dave Robinson, from Chorley police, nominated the team for the award.

He said: “I wanted to get some recognition for the staff that were involved in that to make sure it wasn’t going unnoticed. It was recognition at the highest level in the organisation.

“I’m very pleased and very proud of what they achieved for them personally, but looking wider, there are a lot of vulnerable people who have been safeguarded and we have prevented them becoming further victims of crime and intimidation.”

Several awards were presented at the ceremony to Lancashire police officers and staff for their bravery and dedication.