Baker’s fear for business after smash

Some of the damage to The Old Bakery in Bretherton after a car smashed into it.
Some of the damage to The Old Bakery in Bretherton after a car smashed into it.
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A family-run village bakery has been devastated by a truck ploughing into the shop.

Fortunately no one was injured in the early-morning incident on Saturday.

However, had it happened just half an hour later, baker Simon Moulton would have been on the premises.

Now, he is worried his business – The Old Bakery, on South Road, Bretherton – will be hit because it has had to close while the serious damage is repaired.

Mr Moulton, 46, who is chairman of Bretherton Parish Council, said it could be up to six weeks before the bakery is open again.

“Will people come back to us and the use the bakery once it’s up and running?” he asked.

“It’s hard enough in these times.

“We supply farms, shops and cafes and other places with our products.

“We can’t supply them now, so will they come back to us?”

Mr Moulton, of South View, Bretherton, explained how he learned of the smash, which happened in the early hours.

“I got a phone off my eldest, who had heard from from the neighbour next door to the shop, saying ‘get down here quick, there’s a car in your wall’.

“There’s a small wall at the front and I thought it would be all right.

“It happened at 1.20am and I was down there for 2am.

“It was quite a shock to see what had happened.

“There were two police dog cars and three police vans here when I arrived.

“The vehicle had hit the £30,000 Mercedes of the guy next door. It was a pick-up truck and it was embedded in the wall. There were people across the road who witnessed a man running away. They were out helping.

“It’s incredible to think you can hit a car and still continue to do that much damage,” he said. “If you go down there now, it’s boarded up and got props on it and fencing round it. There are traffic lights protecting one lane in Bretherton. That will be like that for up to six weeks.”

Mr Moulton and his wife Lesley run the bakery, open Tuesday to Saturday, with the help of their children.

They took it over 11 years ago when Lesley’s mother, who had run it for 30 years, retired.

He added; “They won’t let us in until it’s repaired. We’ll be looking for recompense from the insurance for loss of earnings and loss of salaries.”

The day of the accident, Saturday, is the bakery’s busiest day of the week.

Mr Moulton added: “Half an hour later I would have been standing there working.

“No doubt when I get back in there working, I’ll be quite nervous standing by that window. It’s on a straight stretch of road, but nothing like this has happened there before.”

Lancashire Police said a man was arrested and charged with drink driving in connection with the incident. He was bailed to appear at Preston Magistrates’ Court on June 9.