Beloved cat was killed in ‘deliberate’ hit-and-run

Elaine Ratcliffe's daughter Laura, 19, with Pippin
Elaine Ratcliffe's daughter Laura, 19, with Pippin
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A heartbroken pet owner is appealing for help to find the driver she claims deliberately killed her cat.

Elaine Ratcliffe’s two-year-old cat, Pippin, died after being hit by a car on Preston Road, Clayton-le-Woods, at around 7.30pm on Thursday, April 3.

She believes a motorist swerved to knock him down.

Elaine, 45, who lives on Preston Road, said: “Pippin was a bit of a monkey for running across the main road and I did talk to him and say one day he would get his comeuppance there.

“I thought it would be an accident, not a deliberate act.”

The incident was seen by Lynne Hardacre and her family, who were travelling in the opposite direction to the other car, which was yellow and possibly a Fiat Punto.

Lynne, from Chorley, said: “The driver came on our side of the road, hit the cat and then drove off. He missed our car by millimetres.

“It was definitely a deliberate act.”

Lynne stopped to help Pippin, but he died in her arms.

She could not find his owner, so took Pippin to a vet and put an appeal on Facebook, which was seen by Elaine’s neighbour.

The incident has been reported to both the police and the RSPCA.

And Elaine is calling for anyone who knows what happened to come forward.

The mother-of-two said: “I’m disgusted. It’s such a callous act.

“I feel it’s my duty to report as much as I know in case this person continues their horrible crime wave.”

Anyone with information about what happened can call police on 101.