Biker’s hands-on role in childbirth

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A FATHER-TO-BE didn’t quite realise how hands-on his wife giving birth would be when he ended up delivering the baby himself.

Adlington biker couple Steven and Yvonne Shea, both 30, planned to have their second baby at Royal Bolton Hospital, but when the baby decided it was coming much sooner than expected, Steven had to take things into his own hands.

Being coached over the phone by the Bolton hospital’s staff, he delivered Meadow Shea, 5lbs13oz, on the couple’s bed at 8am, Tuesday morning - two weeks before her due date.

Paramedics arrived minutes after the birth to take the Steven, Yvonne, who is a nursery nurse, Skye, four, and new-born Meadow to hospital for checks and after everyone was found to be in good health, they found themselves home by 5pm that night.

The pair are both members of Preston biker club Millenium 2000bc, and Steven, who works as a plumber, says delivering the baby wasn’t as difficult as you might expect.

He said: “Yvonne started having contractions at around 4am and all of a sudden, she said the baby was coming and when we tried to leave she said she couldn’t and we’d have to have it at home.

“I phoned the hospital and they told me what to do as they made their way to our house. The only thing I didn’t know you had to do was control the speed of the birth but apart from that it’s all the things you’d expect.”

Steven said he felt an instant paternal connection and describes it as something “totally incredible.”

He said: “It was an amazing experience and really life changing. Not many people with have the chance to deliver their own baby.”

Known as ‘Brick’ to his biker clubmates, Steven says he’s looking forward to having his daughters ride in his side car.

“The support we’ve had from members of the club is phenomenal,” Steven said. “We’re one big family who all look after each other and they’ve really helped throughout the whole experience. It’s great to have everyone home safe and Meadow is doing brilliantly.”