Bin is reminder for dog owners

REMINDER: The giant  bin at Coronation Recreation Ground
REMINDER: The giant bin at Coronation Recreation Ground
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A massive dog bin caused quite a stir when it appeared on Coronation Recreation Ground in Chorley today.

It was put there by Chorley Council to highlight the problem of people who do not pick up after their dogs.

The oversized bin will be a new focal point for the Don’t Mess With Chorley campaign and will be placed in parts of the borough where dog fouling is an issue.

Coun Adrian Lowe, who oversees street cleaning at the council, said: “The oversized bin is a way of prompting people to use them because we’re asking how big do they need to be before some people will use them.

“The bin will also tie in with areas where we are stepping up our patrols, so if you can see the bin then we’ll be in the area looking out for people who let their dog foul and don’t pick it up.”

Neighbourhood officers will talk to dog owners about responsible ownership and look for those who do not remove their dog’s waste.