Birthday boy has presents stolen

Jack Gale and Destiny are angry about items that were stolen
Jack Gale and Destiny are angry about items that were stolen
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A Chorley dad has spoken of his ‘disgust’ after his 11-year-old son’s brand new X-box was stolen from their home on his birthday.

Little Jack Gale had played on his new game for just an hour before it was stolen from their home on Market Street last Monday.

Dad-of-three Ian, a barber on Chorley Market, says it is the second time the popular game console has been stolen from their home.

Ian, dad to Jack, 11, Destiny, nine, and Liberty, 17, bought the X-box and a black BMX bike for son Jack at the weekend.

On Monday he gave his delighted son the presents, only for them to be stolen later that day.

Ian said: “I built his black BMX for him on Sunday and I made sure it had a lock.

“Jack was absolutely delighted when he got them. His face lit up.

“He rode his bike to school on Monday morning because he was so chuffed with it. We were robbed on September 19 so we have been keeping everything locked constantly.

“As he was excited, he left his bike out and forgot to lock the door.

“I found his bike in the alleyway and I went to go and talk to him.

“I asked him to check his X-box, and it had gone. We had all been in the house at the time.

“Even my daughter’s schoolbag was taken. It was his birthday.

“He had played on his X-box for about an hour.

“Ever since then the kids have been crying in their beds.

“He has had his birthday ruined. I’m not a rash man but this has made me so mad.

“It’s the second X-box I have bought him that has been stolen.

“It’s not his fault.”

Two people, a 37-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman, have been charged with burglary.

They were expected to appear before Preston Magistrates’ Court later today (Wednesday).