Book with swear words sold to child, 8

An eight-year-old was sold the book 'Spiritual Reflections, Prayers and Inspirational Poems
An eight-year-old was sold the book 'Spiritual Reflections, Prayers and Inspirational Poems

A primary school sold a book containing swear words and a poem about abortion to an eight-year-old pupil.

The mother of the girl, who has asked not to be named, said she was shocked when her daughter brought the book home from All Saints Primary School, in Moor Road.

The young girl had asked for £2 to buy the book called ‘Spiritual Reflections, Prayers and Inspirational Poems’ from a teacher and had spent hours reading it before her mum picked her up from school.

She said: “My niece collected her from school and when I picked her up from her house later that night she was reading the book.

“We were driving home and she told me she couldn’t read one of the poems out loud.

“I asked her ‘why’ because I thought she might have been struggling with some of the spellings, but when I glanced over I realised it was because it had the word ‘ba***rd’ in the title.

“It was all about a man who had died after crashing his car and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“I immediately took the book off my daughter and said she wasn’t allowed to read it, but she loves books and was upset that I had confiscated it.”

The mother said parents had been told in an assembly that the book wasn’t suitable for children, but it had still been sold to her young child.

She added: “When I got home and read the book I couldn’t believe it.

“There is a poem in there written from a baby who has been aborted.

“It has raised a lot of issues with my daughter as her grandma and auntie have died and she couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t be happy in heaven after reading some of the extracts.

“I just don’t understand why a school would sell the book to someone so young, especially when I had missed the assembly because I was at work so didn’t know.

“The headteacher has apologised, but that doesn’t seem to cut it. I am going to write a complaint to the school governors.”

Sarah Partington, head at All Saints, said: “We’re very sorry that this book, which was sold in all good faith to raise funds for the school, should have caused offence.

“The book was called ‘Spiritual Reflections, Prayers, and Inspirational Poems’, and was written by the mother – who has now sadly passed away - of one of our teachers.

“The book was first mentioned at our weekly Year 3 parents’ assembly, when we made it clear that the book addressed some sensitive issues and suggested that parents should read it first. Unfortunately, not all parents were present to hear the warning.”

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