Boys, aged 6, in sex assault claims

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Parents have threatened to remove their children from a primary school after allegations that girls had been sexually assaulted by two boys aged six.

At least five female pupils, aged five and six, are said to have been victims of the pair.

Police have been informed.

A letter was issued to all parents at the Central Lancashire school last week, several months after allegations were first made.

According to a source the incidents were initially being treated as bullying until the serious nature and scale of the problem at the school, which we are legally unable to identify, was uncovered.

Police have confirmed they were “made aware of an alleged incident but are not investigating.”

Children under the age of 10 are deemed under the age of criminal responsibility in England so even if the claims were proved, the police would be unable to make any charges.

One worried mum said: “We only found out this week because a parent of one of the girls involved was leaving the school

“We now know that at least five girls were involved and three of those have left. The parents are irate and have asked to speak to the headteacher.

“What we are hearing at the moment is playground gossip and we don’t know how much is fact and how much is fiction.

“We have children and that is our main concern.”

According to another mother: “Parents are hearing all sorts of rumours and it appears that nothing has been done.”

It is believed action taken by the school includes ensuring the two infant boys are chaperoned throughout the day.

Another mum added: “These boys are still at the school and while they are being looked after on a one-two-one basis who’s looking out for our children?”

“A lot of parents are angry on the yard and are now saying they are not going to send their children back.

“People say they’ve got their children’s names down for other schools and even parents of the juniors, who weren’t affected, are saying they are leaving.”

Another mother said: “A lot of parents have made an appointment to speak to the headteacher about it. It’s very worrying.

“I know of one of the girls whose behaviour apparently changed markedly after what happened.

“The parents of the girls have been to several people’s houses to discuss what to do next.

“These boys are probably too young to realise what they are accused of but you don’t expect this. It’s a horrible thing to have happened.”

Faith Mann, Lancashire County Council’s director for targeted and early intervention services, said: “We are aware of a sensitive situation that arose at one of our schools. Our safe guarding and children’s social services teams were notified, and the proper investigation and assessment processes carried out.

“The wellbeing of every child is of paramount importance to us and we are assured that the situation is being appropriately managed within the school.”

An identical statement was issued by the school.