Bride distraught at golf club

Victoria Liddle and Steven Bibby were set to get married at Charnock Richard Golf Club which has closed suddenly
Victoria Liddle and Steven Bibby were set to get married at Charnock Richard Golf Club which has closed suddenly

They say that bad luck tends to come in threes, and that is certainly the case for one angry bride.

Victoria Liddle was set to marry fiance Steven Bibby on November 2 in her dream wedding dress with a reception at Charnock Richard Golf Club –but both have fallen through.

To add insult to injury the shop where she bought a replacement dress – after being ripped off by an online trader – has now closed and she’s been left with one three sizes too small.

The 24-year-old said: “My brother got married at Charnock Richard Golf Club and it was absolutely perfect so I had no hesitations when it came to booking our wedding.

“My mum paid a £400 deposit and we had been paying money off as we got closer to the wedding. In total we gave them £1,000.”

However, Victoria was shocked to learn the venue had closed suddenly after Wigan Athletic bought the property at auction to transform it into their new training ground.

“My dad heard on the grape vine that Dave Whelan was buying the golf club,” Victoria, who works at Tesco added.

“We rang straight away to make sure the wedding was still on, but the staff said they only knew as much as we did.

“We were told the manager would ring us back, but after two weeks we still hadn’t heard anything.

“My mum rang again, pleading with them to tell us what was happening. My dad even went to the club, but all he saw were the golf clubs being lined up to be taken away.

“We couldn’t get answers from anyone until at last we were told the club had in fact closed and we wouldn’t be able to have our wedding there.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was so angry and upset. The function suite is still there so it’s not like it has been pulled down.

“We had already sent invitations to more than 170 people too and paid £1,000.

“We were told we would be added to a list of people asking for a refund and that was it.”

Victoria was already reeling from the shock of her dream dress arriving in tatters.

“I ordered a dress online that I believed was coming from America.

“It was my dream dress and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive, but it was literally falling to pieces when it did come. I couldn’t believe it. It had been shipped from China and wasn’t fit to wear. I literally threw it in the attic, it was awful.

“I managed to find another one I liked and paid £900 for it from a wedding shop in Leyland, but then that closed suddenly too.

“I tracked down the woman I bought it off and she assured me she had my dress, but when she delivered it it was three sizes too small and I’ve had to have it all altered.”

Despite the setbacks, Victoria, of Leyland Lane, is determined to make her wedding day perfect.

“There has been umpteen disasters and people keep telling me it’s a bad omen, but I’m determined to put it right.

“We were struggling to find a venue that would cater for all our guests, but we have managed to book Park Hall.

“I’m really angry. We have lost £1,000 and haven’t a clue whether we will get it back.

“They should never have let us pay the money if they thought the business would close.”