Budding ballerina Lucy Letch from Euxton is en route to success

Thirteen-year-old Lucy Letch from Euxton
Thirteen-year-old Lucy Letch from Euxton
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A young ballerina with stars in her eyes has been accepted into a world-renowned ballet school.

Thirteen-year-old Lucy Letch from Euxton has been on her toes, dancing since she was just four-years-old.

Thirteen-year-old Lucy Letch from Euxton

Thirteen-year-old Lucy Letch from Euxton

She is now training four hours a day, six days a week at Elmhurst Ballet School in Birmingham and is “absolutely loving it”.

Dad Rob, a GP in Euxton, said: “She wants to be a professional ballerina.

“Lucy’s quite driven and has always worked extremely hard at her dance.

“She’s been extremely motivated and has always done her exercises everyday.

“We’ve just supported her.

“She’s devoted a lot to Ballet over the years and she’s absolutely loving it at Elmhurst.”

Lucy was one of two pupils who were accepted into this year’s year nine cohort at the dance school. Alongside her dance classes Lucy also takes tuition in academic subjects.

For the past two years she has been accepted to take part in the Royal Ballet’s summer school in London at White Lodge.

From the age of ten Lucy also attended weekly associate classes with the Royal Ballet School in Manchester and Newcastle, alongside classes she has been frequenting since she was about four, at Prestige School of Dancing in Euxton.

Over the years she has won many medals and trophies at local dance competitions as well as achieving high marks in ISTD Ballet, Tap and Modern exams up to grade six.

Rachel MaCaree, who runs Prestige School of Dancing, said: “Myself and her mum, Janice, are very proud of her.

“Lucy’s main love is ballet and she has worked really hard to get this far.”

Before starting to board at Birmingham Lucy was in dance classes five days a week in Lancashire.

Rob said: “Her dancing skills definitely come from her mother. We will get to see a showcase of her work at the end of term.”

Lucy’s brothers Tom, 17, and Josh, 16, are also sporty but their focus is more on football.