Bus queue at school is unwelcome

ACTION has been urged after residents complained of buses lining up outside a Chorley school.

The situation at St Michael’s High has been described as been described as ‘chaotic’ and ‘dangerous’, with residents of Astley Road wanting a stop to the parking.

Coun Steve Holgate, who has investigated the complaint with fellow councillor Ralph Snape, have pledged to try to find a solution.

Coun Holgate said: “Up to a dozen buses, some with their engines running, turn up almost an hour before school finishes, creating a very smelly and congested environment in a residential area.”

At a site meeting last Monday, he said the evidence was clear that the combination of buses and parents’ cars was causing “an unacceptable potentially dangerous situation”.

He said Lancashire County Council officers had been called in to come up with possible solutions.

He added:“We need swift action on this one.

“The problem isn’t going to go away on its own. It is important the strain it is causing between the needs of the school and the local community is dealt with.

“This was my old school. I attended St Michael’s the first year it was opened and I know the head teacher valued the good relations with local residents back then. We must safeguard that relationship by finding a solution to this growing problem.”

Coun Snape said: “These bus drivers should have more respect for the residents. After all, this is a residential area, not a bus station.”

Tony Moreton, Lancashire County Council’s director for sustainable transport, said: “Our staff are aware of the concerns of residents. We are looking into the situation and will take appropriate action based on what we find.”