Sarah is a mum on a mission

Sarah Glover is the owner of SplodgeBodge, Coppull
Sarah Glover is the owner of SplodgeBodge, Coppull
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A Chorley businesswoman says children can look fashionable without breaking the bank.

Mum-of-three Sarah Glover, from Astley Village, launched children’s clothing shop SplodgeBodge because of her own experiences.

She said parents were typically spending £20 for outfits for special occasions but only wearing them a couple of time.

As a result she came up with the idea of SplodgeBodge, where parents and buy and trade in quality pre-owned children’s clothing.

Her aim is to allow hard-pressed parents to buy good quality clothing without paying high street prices.

As it is an agency, parents of older children can also bring in baby clothes they no longer need and sell through the store.

They can bring up to 10 washed and ironed items which will go on sale for six weeks.

If they sell, the customer earns money.

If they don’t, the customer gets them back.

This gives people the opportunity to make money back on their old children’s clothes rather than throwing them away.

Sarah, who grew up in Scotland, has lived in Chorley for 23 years with her husband Andrew, son Patrick and daughters Poppy and Isla.

She said: “I don’t think it’s right that people pay so much, especially in these hard times.”

“With my youngest at school now, I wanted something to do and I thought I could turn my experiences as a mum into a business,” she added.

Despite the tough economy, the she is optimistic about the future of the store.

“It’s very low risk,” Sarah explains. “It has been wonderfully received.

“Many people who won’t buy pre-loved will still sell their unwanted items to me.”

One challenge Sarah faced was overcoming the image that some people have of second-hand clothing, so she has taken special care with the way that her store is presented.

“I felt like I had even more to prove, as a pre-loved clothing agency,” she explains. “A lot of customers walk past at first because they think we’re an expensive boutique!”

SplodgeBodge can be found at Unit 5, Coppull Mill, Coppull, Chorley, PR7 5BW.