‘Smart’ energy meters recommended

Electricity North West
Electricity North West
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New research shows that 84 percent of customers who have had new ‘smart’ energy meters fitted in their homes would recommend them to their friends and family.

But despite a government target to have 53 million of the devices in homes by 2020, just three per cent of customers in the North West have had them installed.

That’s according to the region’s network operator, Electricity North West.

Simon Brooke, future network manager at Electricity North West, said: “Smart meters allow you to see exactly how much you’re spending on energy as well as when you’re spending it.

“They’re free from your supplier – the company you pay your bill to – and they could help you save money.

“If you knew exactly how much energy you were using, you’d probably use less.

“That’s good news for you and your pocket, and it also means reduced pressure on the cables and substations that provide the power in our region.”

The satisfaction research, published by Smart Energy GB, shows that 79 per cent of customers with the meters installed have taken steps to use less energy.

“It’s great to see that people who have the new meters installed are happy with them and are taking action to reduce their energy usage,” says Simon.

“As the region’s network operator, we’re investing to make the network smarter, using new technology to improve reliability and reduce our part of the bill.

“I urge anyone to get in touch with their supplier and ask about smart meters so as many people as possible can take advantage of the roll out.”

Energy suppliers are responsible for supplying and fitting smart meters for their customers.

Electricity North West is the region’s distribution network operator and is supporting the roll out in the region.

Electricity North West owns, operates and maintains the North West’s electricity distribution network, connecting 2.4 million properties, and more than five million people in the region to the National Grid.