Village near Chorley in fracking concerns

A protestor outside County Hall, Preston ahead of a committee meeting about fracking
A protestor outside County Hall, Preston ahead of a committee meeting about fracking
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Fracking fears are hanging over a picturesque Chorley village.

Brindle has been identified as a location where the controversial technique of extracting shale gas could be carried out.

Residents and councillors were shocked to discover the area had been included on a drilling permission map by the Government.

Brindle Parish Council’s annual review will be presented at a meeting next Monday night.

In his statement, chairman Darren Cranshaw will tell the meeting: “The parish council has also monitored the situation regarding the possibility of fracking, the method used to extract of shale gas.

“Thanks to the diligence of (county councillor) Tom Sharratt we have been alerted to the fact that the parish is part of the licence area for its extraction.”

He added: “We have alerted the county council to our concerns and again we shall follow this issue closely.”

Shale gas extraction firm Cuadrilla has said it has no current plans for the Brindle area.

However, it hasn’t stopped parish councillors fearing what might be around the corner.

Lancashire County Council has agreed with Cuadrilla to extend the time it is allowed to consider the company’s applications for fracking at two sites on the Fylde.

The authority will now have to consider the two bids by April 30. It is now carrying out further public consultation.

A spokesman for Cuadrilla said: “Cuadrilla’s licence area covers some 1,200 square kilometres in Lancashire.

“This licence from the Department of Energy and Climate Change permits only ‘exploration’, intended to establish whether it is viable to recover natural gas from shale rock deep beneath the surface.”

The meeting will take place in the community hall, Water Street, Brindle.