Call centre staff’s owed wages fury

3d in Buckshaw Village
3d in Buckshaw Village
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Angry laid-off call centre workers claim they are owed thousands of pounds in wages by the company that released them.

Around 25 employees are thought to have lost their jobs at 3d Group in Buckshaw Village in the last two weeks.

The affected staff - mostly young people in their 20s - say the company is refusing to pay out.

And they have been denied entry to the firm’s premises where security guards have been posted on the front door.

The company blamed a “recent downturn” in its business and said it believed the lay offs would only be “temporary”.

The workers fear they are unable to pay their mortgages, rents and loans for costly items such as cars, as a result of the unpaid cash.

Amelia Seed, 20, of Astley Village, who worked in the pension performance group, said she started at the firm a month ago and only worked for a fortnight when she was laid off.

“I’ve not been given any money whatsoever,” she said. “They owe me about £700. There are people that are owed more than a grand. They hired two lads on the Thursday and got rid of them the following day.

“They got rid of ten the day I left.”

She added: “When I had my interview they told me they were expanding. Then two weeks later they said they’d lost a big contract.”

When she turned up at the company on Friday to speak to management about the situation she was not allowed into the building.

She said she was handed a telephone number for a “government fund” to seek recompense by a member of staff.

She and other laid-off staff received letters from the company explaining the position.

It states during the lay off their employment will continue but they will not receive their normal pay on ‘workless days’.

However, staff say they have not been paid for time they have worked.

Another laid off worker, a 21-year-old from Chorley, who did not want to be named, said: “There was no notice or anything.

“They said they could take me on in future if they were expanding or had the means.

“They owe me at least a grand. I’m not happy about it. I’m not great financially at the moment. I might lose my flat. There are people with kids who work here.”

Another affected employee, a 23-year-old from Chorley, said: “I’ve got no money and a mortgage to pay.”

And another said: “They owe me about £1,000. They’ve known about it for so long. I’m absolutely furious and disgusted. It doesn’t really matter how much it is, it’s the fact they’re not paying us and other employees are still there.”

No one from the company was available for comment.