Call for action to prevent for crashes at blackspot

The hole in a fence on Lower Burgh Way, Chorley, where a car crashed into it
The hole in a fence on Lower Burgh Way, Chorley, where a car crashed into it
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A resident is demanding action after another car came off a busy by-pass and crashed through a fence.

Diane White says it is the third time in recent years that a vehicle has come off Lower Burgh Way, Chorley, towards homes on The Cedars.

In the latest incident, a car crashed through a boundary fence and hit a tree, almost going into her back garden.

She said: “The fence is going to need replacing. We can see the road from our house and people can see into the house through the trees.”

In November 2011, a car smashed through three gardens and into a family’s conservatory in the middle of the night.

Diane is now calling for something to be done.

She wants traffic-calming measures on Lower Burgh Way to slow vehicles and barriers to stop cars ploughing into their homes and gardens.

Diane, who has lived on The Cedars for eight years, said: “We don’t feel very comfortable sitting in our gardens.

“I know that something is going to happen and somebody is going to get killed at some point.”

The incidents will now be looked at by Lancashire County Council.

Andrew Burrows, highways manager for Chorley, said: “Accidents which result in people being injured are reported to us but we don’t always become aware of less serious incidents unless local traffic police notice a pattern emerging which suggests further investigation may be needed.

“We have not received a report of these incidents from the police but will discuss them at the next of our regular meetings to evaluate whether any action may be needed.

“In the meantime we’ll inspect the location and make repairs to highway furniture.”