Calls for motorists to kill speed not lives

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‘The next person might not be so lucky.’

That is the verdict of villagers on Moss Lane in Whittle-le-Woods after the latest incident involving a car landing on it’s side on their dangerous road.

For years, local people have been campaigning for some speed reduction measures to be introduced.

Up to now their plea has fallen on deaf ears and they are worried about the number of accidents on the street.

Stuart Hamer, who lives on the road, believes Lancashire County Council and Lancashire Police must act now before someone is seriously injured or even worse... killed.

He said: “It is really bad.

“Some of the neighbours have been telling me that it has been an issue for a few years now.

“They have built a cul-de-sac at the bottom of Moss Lane so it means that there is more traffic using this road.

“I have reported it to Lancashire County Council highways teams about two and a half years ago and to be fair they put a little sign up.

“It is so dangerous because there is a 30mph speed limit on the blind bend which we think is too fast.”

Mr Hamer added that apart from the drivers they are concerned about their lives on the road.

He added: “We are really worried because it is a new estate and there are quite a few young families living here.

“Our children have friends that live nearby and they like to go out to play but I fear there may be a fatality sooner rather than later.

“Some of the motorists are using it as a rat-run to get to the Blackburn Road.

“It is alright for a lot of motorists who live in the area but most of them are from outside Whittle-le-Woods and don’t know the road.

“We want to ask for a speed reduction but it is not going to happen.

“I think they can put some signs up to warn people about the dangers. Some speed bumps would be ideal but I believe that is a long-drawn out process to get them. We also need the police to be watching out for speeding motorists around here.”

Coun Marie Gray, who represents the Whittle-le-Woods, has spoken to some of the residents and is calling for action to sort the issue.

She said: “Some of the traffic appear to be ignoring the 30mph speed limit on the road.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We are aware of the incident taking place and are looking into the circumstances to see if any further action can be taken on the road.

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said: “We can confirm that we attended an incident at 4.01pm on June 28 where a car overturned at the junction of Moss Lane and Preston Road.”