Calls made to mend dangerous footpath

Peter Nelson on the troublesome path in Hallgate, Astley Village
Peter Nelson on the troublesome path in Hallgate, Astley Village

Residents in a Chorley village are demanding repairs are made immediately to a “dangerous” footpath.

Peter Nelson,64, of Ravensthorpe, has nearly fallen over the nuisance footpath in Hallgate, Astley Village four times in as many months.

The footpath is part of an underpass which is well used by villagers.

It also connects parts of the village to bus stops which are regularly used by elderly residents.

The damage occurred when youngsters set fire to the path in a wheelie bin, five years ago.

Despite Astley Village Parish Council reporting the incident to Lancashire County Council the footpath has never been repaired.

However, LCC has said they don’t own the path and claim it is owned by Chorley Council.

Mr Nelson said: “I have a walking stick and I don’t particularly like using it on the underpass, but it’s the only other alternative than crossing Chancery Road which is busy.

“It’s very dangerous in particular for the partially sighted. If somebody takes a tumble, there is nothing people can do, it’s out the way.”

Ward councillor Matthew Lynch added: “It’s ridiculous, the area has a heavy footfall and it needs doing as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council, said: “The bridge taking Chancery Road over the path belongs to the county council but the path itself is not part of the adopted network which we maintain.”

Coun Adrian Lowe, who looks after streetscene issues for Chorley Council, said: “We have only just been made aware of the complaints about this path and we appreciate it now being brought to our attention. We will arrange for it to be looked at, with a view to making sure the path is safe for residents.”