Campaign for bus shelters at Buckshaw

Coun Mark Perks at a bus shelter on Central Avenue, Buckshaw Village
Coun Mark Perks at a bus shelter on Central Avenue, Buckshaw Village
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A campaign has been started to get bus shelters built in Buckshaw Village.

Coun Mark Perks, who represents the area, says developers are ‘taking their time’ over promises to build shelters on the main route going through the town.

He says delays are meaning safety risks at ‘unofficial’ stops, and inadequate road markings near to Trinity CoE / Methodist Primary School mean parents are parking near the stops.

Coun Perks said: “The only bus shelter which has been brought in properly is on Central Avenue.

“We need shelters and lowered kerbs up to the same standard for everywhere else.

“These shelters were identified as part of the original planning application for Buckshaw Village and in January when Lancashire County Council brought in a service to go around Buckshaw Village, it created a critical route for the railway station, the school and homes.

“Now there’s a route, but no shelters.”

Coun Perks has accused developer Redrow of ‘dragging their feet’ when it comes to building the shelters, and says something needs to be done urgently.

He said: “If there isn’t proper stops then people using public transport can’t get on and off, especially disabled people who need a lowered kerb.

“It is affecting the service and is a big issue.

“Parents are dropping their children off outside the school and because there is no proper shelter and no road markings it could be a safety problem. It is putting children at risk particularly in the morning and at home time.

“The developers need to be doing this, but people complain and automatically think it’s the county council’s fault.”

He is campaigning for bus stops on Old Worden Avenue and Buckshaw Avenue, including opposite Bridgewater Drive and Patricroft Drive.

A spokesman for Redrow Homes said they were waiting for a quote on the works before they begin.

They said: “Redrow, Barratt and Lancashire County Council have agreed the positions for five bus shelters on Old Worden Avenue, Buckshaw Village.

“We are currently waiting for quotations for the manufacture and installation of the shelters and following receipt a joint order will be issued by the developers.”