Campaign sees more reports of fly tipping areas

Fly tipping on Chapel Lane, Heapey
Fly tipping on Chapel Lane, Heapey
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A new campaign to keep Chorley tidy is already making a difference.

Chorley Council launched its Don’t Mess With Chorley initiative at the end of July and is warning people they face prosecution if they dump rubbish.

Since then, there have been 18 reports of fly tipping and they have cost more than £1,500 to clean up.

The items dumped around the borough have ranged from building materials and bricks through to sofas, mattresses, old toys and car seats.

Photographs of the rubbish have been posted online in a bid to shame the culprits and encourage people to come forward to help catch them.

Coun Adrian Lowe, who oversees street cleanliness for the council, said: “We’ve had a really good response to the campaign so far with people disgusted at some of the fly tips we’ve posted online.

“We saw an increase in fly tip reports and it’s important people keep coming to us with information.”

The council is urging people to report any fly tipping they spot, particularly if they see who is doing it, so they can prosecute the perpetrators.

Coun Lowe said: “We want people to report fly tips to us so they aren’t left there for days making the place look a mess. But, we also want people to report things to us in confidence if it will help catch the offenders.

“It might be that you’ve seen who is doing it and have details of the vehicle used, or you might recognise some of the items in the photos we’ve posted on social media and in the local press.”

The council will be continuing its focus on fly tipping for the rest of August, before looking at other issues including dog fouling, littering and graffiti.

Coun Lowe added: “As part of the campaign we have held a couple of skip days this month, which is where residents can come and dump their rubbish without having to go to the tip. The idea behind this is it educates people about disposing of rubbish properly and it gives people a chance to get rid of items they may otherwise have considered fly tipping or just had clogging up space at home.”

To report fly tipping, go to or call 01257 515151.