Campaigners ‘Go Ape’ at new decision

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Plans for a Chorley high wire adventure course were given the go-ahead last week.

Go Ape at Rivington had to submit retrospective plans to Chorley Council after extending landing zones without permission.

The company was given approval at last Tuesday’s Development Control Committee meeting.

But, the Friends of Lever Park in Rivington, who opposed the plans for the adventure course in the first place, are annoyed at the result. Chairman Robert Dootson said: “We are not happy with the events, but the outcome was expected and there’s nothing we can do about it now.”

The Open Spaces Society, Britain’s oldest national conservation body, also expressed its dismay at the decision.

General Secretary Kate Ashbrook, said: “We are appalled that Chorley Council has given the go-ahead for this ugly and intrusive commercial development, which conflicts with the legislation under which this park was designated.

“Chorley Council should be upholding, not undermining, the provisions of the Liverpool Corporation Act 1902, which are to protect the park as an open space for quiet public enjoyment.”

Ben Davies, business development manager at Go Ape, said: “Whilst we are aware that a small number of people will never be happy with Go Ape! Tree Top Adventure at Rivington, the vast majority recognise it as a valuable addition to the area.

“This planning application was never about the course as a whole, but for two landing areas that were bigger than the initial plan.

“We are happy that concerns regarding the landing sites have been addressed in a public forum and they have been deemed acceptable.”