Can pupil power fix flooded road?

Euxton C E School Letter to Network Rail'Lucas Burns, Callum Pritchard and Emily Miller
Euxton C E School Letter to Network Rail'Lucas Burns, Callum Pritchard and Emily Miller

A group of schoolchildren are taking direct action in a bid to finally sort out the problem of a flood-hit road near to their school.

Youngsters at Euxton C of E Primary School are hoping the show of pupil power will convince the authorities to sort out the problem of Euxton Lane once and for all.

Euxton Lane has been closed more than a dozen times since autumn last year because of flooding and every time this happens, local residents and parents of children at the school are caught up in the chaos.

The land belongs to Network Rail and now three Year 6 pupils at Euxton C of E Primary School have taken the matter into their own hands by writing letters to the people in charge.

Year six pupil, Callum Pritchard, said: “We thought it would be a good idea to write to people in charge to find out what is happening at the bridge.

“We are getting fed up with having to find different ways to get to school and being late for things.”

Headteacher Giles Storch, said: “The pupils decided that they wanted to make their voices heard by writing to the manager of Network Rail and to Chorley Council.

“This is a good exercise in letting the children see that they do have a voice and they can engage in community issues.

“It’s important for the children to see that for change to happen, someone needs to speak out.”

Every time the road floods, Lancashire County Council has to invest hundreds of pounds to lay on vehicles to pump away water.

The road closures are causing problems for pupils at Primrose Hill Primary School, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School and Euxton C of E Primary School.

A spokesperson for Network Rail said: “Using a robotic camera we have identified a blockage 40 metres from Euxton Lane.

“This blockage prevents us examining the rest of the drain for further blockages, so we are now examining it from the School Lane end. Assuming the remainder of the drain is problem free we will need to clear the drain or repair if necessary.

“This in itself creates a major problem because the blockage is below the toe of the embankment that supports the west coast railway line.

“At best, if it is simply a blockage we may be able to clear it remotely. At worst, it may be necessary to restrict train movements.”

Chorley Council leader Peter Goldsworthy said: “When we receive the letter we’ll forward it on to Network Rail and Lancashire County Council in the hope they can come up with a solution to the problem.”