Can you crack the code?

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Who can crack the code?

This is the question being posed by a gym owner after a locked safe was mysteriously discovered during refurbishment works.

Shaun Ginger, 43, who owns Astley Park Fitness Centre, on Park Road, Chorley, found the ‘blast from the past’ approximately two weeks ago.

While he was in the cellar working on a new steam room for the gym, he found a dummy wall that had been keeping the safe a well-hidden secret for many years.

It is believed to have belonged to the previous tenants of the building, a Lloyds TSB bank.

Shaun, who has been working in the listed building for approximately 13 years, said: “We’ve found a safe. It must weigh a ton.

“We found it behind a wall in the cellar.

“The gym used to be a Lloyds TSB, but they moved out in the 80s.

“We are doing renovation work, and are putting a steam room in the cellar, and we found this dummy wall with a locked up safe.

“Nobody can seem to crack it.

“It’s a dirty old grey thing, and must be about five foot high and two foot wide.”

The archaic find has caused plenty of intrigue, with many members guessing what could be inside.

The majority are taking an optimistic approach, with the belief that there is money stashed inside, but Shaun believes that it will be full of old paperwork.

He said: “Everyone thinks that it has got money in it, but I think it will be old paperwork.

“When we were doing renovation in 1996 we found all sorts of stuff, like farmer’s ledgers.

“If somebody thinks they can crack the code, then they are more than willing to come along and try.

“We don’t know what to do with it at the moment.”

Neil Cadd, a member of Astley Park Fitness Centre, said: “There must be something in it.

“Maybe it is old paperwork, unless somebody lost the key.”

Shaun is hoping to get rid of the safe , which is currently sat in the male changing rooms, by May 25.

Anybody that believes that they have the power to unlock the safe is welcome to visit the fitness centre.

For more information ring Astley Park Fitness Centre on 01257 414888.