Cancer youngster set for treatment in USA

Corey Ashcroft, two, back home in Eccleston after his latest treatment
Corey Ashcroft, two, back home in Eccleston after his latest treatment

Relatives of a Chorley youngster fighting against a rare and aggressive form of cancer are facing one of their toughest weeks as they wait for crucial scan results following intensive chemotherapy.

Corey Ashcroft, two, has neuroblastoma and his family launched a successful campaign to raise £250,000 to send him to America for the last stage of his treatment.

However, he first needs to have radiotherapy treatment and is waiting to find out this week if the high dose chemotherapy treatment he has recently completed has been successful.

Mum Joanna, 32, who is married to Craig and lives on Sagar Street, Eccleston, said: “Corey handled the high dose chemotherapy better than we expected and is doing OK.

“He will now have to have scans this week and depending on those results, he will have radiotherapy in about a month’s time and if all goes well, we are aiming to go to America for the final stage of his treatment in November.

“It is a difficult time for us at the moment as it is important for Corey to maintain his weight at the moment, but he is not eating as much as before he went on high dose chemo and is a lot pickier.

“We just want to complete his treatment and get him well again.

“We just have to get these scans out of the way and keep our fingers crossed that they will be OK and then Corey can have radiotherapy before going to America.”

Corey was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in April this year after his mum noticed his stomach felt firm.

Investigations revealed he had Stage IV neuroblastoma.

The final stage of his treatment will be immunotherapy and Joanna and Craig want this carried out at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in America as studies show there is a reduced chance of relapse.