Caps and gowns at ready as nursery youngsters graduate

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The young students of Eaves Green Pre-School and Nursery in Chorley celebrated their graduation to their primary schools at a special cermony.

Proud parents watched as their three and four-year-olds collected their graduation certificates, in their colourful caps and gowns.

Manager Jackie Solkin, who runs the pre-school with Deborah Swarbrick, said: “It is a very big stage in not only the children’s lives but also their families when they leave nursery to start school and we wanted to celebrate their success and mark this special moment.”

She added: “It’s a very emotional time for all the team at the pre-school when we have to say goodbye to the children who are leaving. Many we have known all their lives and we have seen them growing up and developing.

“We are proud of all the children who have achieved a great deal in the first few years of their lives, which are so imporrtant and special. We have seen a lot of children come and go, and even had children who once came to our nursery bringing their own kids.

“We have 22 children leaving us and we wish all the children good luck and continued success when they start their new primary school in September.”

The nursery is situated in a spacious detached Georgian house with large and woodlands which helps the child’s development.