Car flips onto roof

The scene of the accident on the M6 at Charnock Richard
The scene of the accident on the M6 at Charnock Richard
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This is the scene after a car flipped onto its roof on the M6 this morning.

The accident happened between junction 27 and 28 at around 9am this morning.

Police reports show another car veered off onto the embankment and hit a fence and lamp post.

Two people are reported to have suffered injuries.

An eyewitness said: “It was absolutely awful.

“There was a black car and a grey car involved.

“The grey car is in the middle road on its roof, and there is a man sat on the embankment holding his head.

“The black car is before the grey one, closer to Charnock Richard. Its windscreen has gone, it’s on its side, and it has hit a lamppost and fence.

“As far as I could see, nobody had got out of that car while I was there, and I was a couple of minutes behind the accident - about 10 or 11 cars behind.

“The cars were quite a distance away from each other, about 50 metres, but I didn’t see how it actually happened.

“They are not on top of each other.

“Cars were immediately backing up.

“There was no ambulance when we got there, but one was arriving when I was driving away at about ten past nine.

“I burst into tears when it happened.”

All lanes are now open and traffic is moving steadily.

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