Caravans are ransacked

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Police are investigating after sixteen caravans were broken into and ransacked at a storage site.

The incident took place at TB&B Anderton, The Forge, Westhoughton Road, Adlington.

It is not thought much, if anything, was taken.

The site was hit by a similar incident three years ago.

Bernard Anderton, who runs the business, said: “Apparently somebody must have climbed in, I don’t know how, they’ve got in and just went through the caravans willy nilly.

“They’ve just ransacked the caravans. I don’t think anything was stolen.

“People I’ve spoken to said nothing was missing.

“On bloke said he’d had something stolen. In one there was a brand new microwave and that wasn’t stolen. In another there was a television and that wasn’t strolen.

“They’re storage caravans - that’s all we do. To be honest, my daughter looks after that side. I was here, she was on holiday.

“They store the caravans at customers’ own risk, but it’s a secure site. There’s two big gates to get into. Nobody lives here. The railway runs down one side, the A6 is on the other side and then there’s just gates to get in.”

Police said the incident was reported to have taken place between 5pm on March 13 and 7.30am the following day.

Mr Anderton said: “It must have been big kids. We noticed a caravan door open on Friday morning and when we investigated there were quite a few.”

The two-and-a-half acre site stores between 60 and 70 caravans.

“It’s about three years since we had a trouble, a similar sot of thing,” said Mr Anderton.

“You always get break-ins on caravan sites. One or two people said things could be more secure, but I don’t think so.

“We think we might put cameras up, I don’t know.

“That’s what we are living in today. We are living with that sort of thing. You read it in the newsappers everyday.”

A police spokesman said: “We are still making inquiries with owners as to what has been stolen.”