Cars to be confiscated to drive down nuisance

Chorley's Road Policing Unit
Chorley's Road Policing Unit
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Police in Chorley have launched a major crackdown on anti-social drivers in the town and surrounding areas.

The force’s road policing unit is set to link up with the neighbourhood policing team to drive down nuisance drivers in residential areas.

They are now appealing for anyone who has any information about persistent offenders where they live to get in touch.

Insp Alison Barff-Lewis said: “More than 40 per cent of the priorities set at PACT meetings are related to speeding, parking and anti-social behaviour on the road and we want to target that positively.

“In order to do that we are going to employ a number of tactics, including stop-checks, home visits and we can actually confiscate vehicles if we feel that action is warranted.

“We already have a list of the top 10 anti-social drivers who have been reported to us, but we want other people to contact us and tell us about the problems they are having.

“That way we can contact the drivers and make them aware of their behaviour and get them to act.”

Insp Barff-Lewis said people can contact Chorley Police on 0845 1 25 35 45 or alternatively can ring Crimestoppers and remain anonymous on: 0800 555 111.

She added: “I know some people will feel frightened about coming forward, but that is why we encourage them to use the Crimestoppers number as they will not be asked for any of their personal details.

“We want to build up a picture of where the anti-social drivers are and what they are doing so that we can take action.”

Examples of nuisance behaviour include speeding in built-up areas or breaking the limit, doing dangerous tricks in their cars or generally being a nuisance in the way drivers act in their vehicles.

Insp Phil Elsden, from the Chorley Road Policing Unit, added: “We will be working with our colleagues in the neighbourhood policing team to investigate anti-social drivers.

“We will be using number plate recognition and we will be responding to the information provided by members of the community who have phoned in.

“We want to encourage anyone with any grievances to come forward so that we can act on what they tell us.

“More than 60 officers will be involved in the crackdown and we want to send out a clear message that nuisance drivers will not be tolerated in Chorley or the surrounding area.”