Cenotaph gets new look

Shrubbery in Astley Park is being cleared around the cenotaph to give it a more prominent look.

Rhododendrons and a variety of other shrubs will be removed to reduce anti-social behaviour and make way for a new footpath that will improve access to the park from Queen's Road car park.

The work will be carried out by Chorley Council and the clearance work is expected to take 10 days.

There should be no disruption to people using the park.

Coun John Walker, who has responsibility for parks and open spaces in Chorley, said: "The area around the cenotaph is a peaceful part of the park but it has become overshadowed by large rhododendrons that block out a lot of the light.

"This has led to some anti-social behaviour and by opening it up we believe it will make people feel safer.

"Also, services that take place at the cenotaph are often obstructed by the large shrubs – something we believe was never intended."

Once the work is complete a new footpath will be installed between Queen's Road car park and the cenotaph to provide more suitable access to the steep entrance, which is unsuitable for people with mobility problems.

"We've discussed our plans with many of the local groups and we've had a positive response." said Coun Walker.

"Once completed there will be far greater access to, and views of the memorial, as well as making that area of the park safer."

* christopher.maguire@lep.co.uk