Children still dicing with death


Children are continuing to dice with death at a notorious railway crossing in Chorley.

British Transport Police have issued an urgent warning after a number of children ran out in front of a train at Rylands Crossing.

Shockingly, the youngsters had been accompanied by adults, who had also darted in front of the carriage, as it picked up speed after leaving Chorley train station.

The driver was forced to perform an emergency stop, but officers have warned that the children were just seconds from disaster.

And they claim the incident, on January 20, is just the latest in a string of reports of pedestrians risking their lives at the crossing, which has already been the scene of several fatalities.

Insp Adrian Yorston said: “Despite the driver sounding the horn a couple of children ran back across the railway right in front of the train.

“The driver had to make an emergency stop. But for good fortune and the quick observations of the driver, we could have quite easily been dealing with a fatality.

“The risks taken by people at this – and other crossings – are simply unbelievable.

“Trains are not like cars; they cannot swerve, they take long distances to stop and it can be difficult for others to judge just how fast they are travelling.

“As such they should be treated with care and respect and people should not put their lives on the line simply to shave a few minutes or seconds off a journey.

“Neither I, nor any other BTP officer wants to have to tell any family that their son or daughter will not be coming home again.”

Prankster Andrew Ogden was jailed in 2008 after he was caught on CCTV playing ‘chicken’ with an oncoming train at the level crossing.

Just 12 months later plans were revealed for a new £2m bridge there after 16-year-old Uvais Desai died after being struck by a train.

However, the proposals were delayed after Lancashire County Council rejected plans to divert the existing footpath which runs across the railway tracks from Brock Road to Bengal Street.

Gemma Duffy, community safety manager at Network Rail said: “This latest incident is worrying.

“I’d urge everyone using the pedestrian crossing to obey the rules and use it safely – the railway is not a place to take chances or muck around.

“We’re working to make crossing the railway here even safer by building a footbridge, which will remove any risk of further incidents.”