Chimney blaze drama

Fire on Thursday night (February 10) in Princessway, Euxton-
Fire on Thursday night (February 10) in Princessway, Euxton-
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Two fire crews from Chorley had to deal with a chimney blaze in Euxton.

Residents on Princess Way were watching television when they heard the sound of sirens and flashing lights at 10.48pm on Thursday night.

A crowd of 10 people stood in the street to see eight firefighters put out the blaze.

A nearby resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “Everyone was looking out of their windows and a lot of people were concerned about what was going on.

“It was really dark and you could hardly see anything.

“There were a few flames coming from the chimney and one fireman was up on the roof trying to put it out.

“I think the firemen were concerned about the building and whether there could be damage to the stack and roof.

“There have been quite a few house fires on this street but it seemed like there was more drama than the fire actually was.”

John Taylor, press officer for Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We can confirm that two crews from Chorley attended the scene to put out a chimney stack fire which was spreading to the roof. “The firefighters spent an hour dealing with the blaze.

“It started by residue built up on the inside of the chimney and we have noticed an increase in these type of fires nationally. We would urge people to get their chimneys swept regularly if they are using an open plan fire.”