Chorley band Electric Cheese excited to support Inspiral Carpets' frontman Tom Hingley at his Preston Guild Hall gig later this month

A Chorley rock band is gearing up for one of the gigs of their life after landing a supporting role for one of the Manchester music scene's top musicians.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 3:05 pm
Updated Friday, 14th September 2018, 5:02 pm
Chorley band Electric Cheese are supporting former Inspiral Carpets frontman Tom Hingley at his Preston gig later this month

Rock band Electric Cheese are set to support Tom Hingley’s new band The Kar-Pets at Preston Guild Hall and they hope it can help propel them on to bigger and better things.

Hingley is well known for his time as the frontman of Madchester alternative rock band Inspiral Carpets from 1989 to 1995 and 2003 to 2011.

The band, who are signed to one of Manchester’s coolest record labels German Shepherd, is made up of Jason ‘Gorgonzola’ Hurley, Allan ‘Cheddar’ Tanner, and Mike ‘Mozzarella’ Carling.

Chorley band Electric Cheese are supporting former Inspiral Carpets frontman Tom Hingley at his Preston gig later this month

The band, which describes itself as a “tight power trio banging out some swampy rock n’ roll tunes” from “the southern swamps of Central Lancashire”, was invited to play the prestigious gig later this month after they supported Hingley at Trader Jack’s pub in Hollinshead Street, Chorley, last year.

Jason, who plays guitar and is on vocals, said: “We’re all big fans of Tom and The Kar-Pets and this opportunity to play with a big star in a great venue could be the first step to bigger things.

“We have an EP in the pipeline and this can only help in making it a big hit.

“I’ve been part of the Chorley music scene for many years, having played with local bands Eric Spear, Rory James Band, AFS and Taser Puppets.

The Kar-Pets

“This could be the chance we need to get our music heard by a wider audience.”

Tom Hingley said: “I really appreciated Electric Cheese inviting me to play with them in Chorley, I really like their music and we had a great gig.

“This was an opportunity to repay the favour. It should be a fantastic night.”

Owner of the Guild Hall, Simon Rigby, said: “Over 75 per cent of all our bands are local talent; we do everything we can to support these acts."

The Guild Hall's marketing manager, Hannah Slater, said:

"One of our intention when we introduced the live venue and promotions to the Guild Hall offering was to enable local bands and artiste the opportunity to perform on a professional stage, perhaps even alongside touring bands and artists.

"The wealth of talent on our doorstep is huge and we believe in supporting them whenever possible."

Inspiral Carpets

Hit-makers Inspiral Carpets were known through the 80s and 90s for chart hits such as This Is How It Feels, Dragging Me Down, and Saturn Five.

They were part of the 90s Madchester scene along with bands such as The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays.

Oasis guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher was famously a guitar technician for Inspir Carpets before Oasis were formed, with a 21-year-old Noel auditioning to be the band’s lead singer.

Former drummer Craig Gill famously said that he got £3 a day and a Pot Noodle as payment.

Tickets for the gig on Thursday, September 27, which sees Electric Cheese and Building Giants support The Kar-Pets, are available at