Chorley FC boss hopes to exceed £5,000 target

Graham Watkinson vice-chairman at Chorley FC
Graham Watkinson vice-chairman at Chorley FC
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  • Chorley FC launched Crowdfunding site just over two weeks ago
  • £1,000 had been raised withing two days of the launch
  • Over £3,000 has been pledges so far by fans

Football club chiefs at cash-strapped Chorley FC are hoping to exceed their fundraising targets.

Vice-chairman and secretary Graham Watkinson admits he has been ‘taken back’ by the response of football fans who have pledged donations to the club.

It’s nice to be talking about something positive for once rather than all the negatives,

Graham Watkinson - Vice-chairman and secretary

Just over two weeks ago, the Victory Park outfit launched a Crowdfunding site because their Duke Street stand was condemned to demolition due to rust.

The club set a target to raise £5,000 by April 26.

Within two days of launching £1,000 had been raised and now fans from all over have rallied to pledge £3,935.

“It’s nice to be talking about something positive for once rather than all the negatives,” Mr Watkinson told the Evening Post.

“I’m taken back with how fast it has gone, I never doubted that we would reach our target but I’m surprised how close we are already.

“It really does show that people get behind the club, we’ve had fans from different clubs donating.”

The club faces a mammoth task in removing the roof and repairing the Duke Street stand.

The club also needs to resurface the carpark and improve the grass banks.

Other areas of the ground also need sorting due to seven attacks on the stadium by yobs in the past 11 months.

Bosses expect the work to cost £50,000 and the club hope that the initial Crowdfunding target can be exceeded.

“We do have hope that we can raise more than the initial £5,000, that was set as an achievable target.

“Once we hit the targets we can look at securing money from different kinds of grants, if we don’t hit our target then people that have donated will be refunded.”

To donate see: or call the club on 01257 230007.