'Come and see the damage you cause'

A carer has called on vandals throwing bricks and eggs at cars to come forward to see the consequences of their actions

Tuesday, 24th October 2017, 5:08 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 1:14 pm
Matty Cain

Nicolla Jackson, from Astley Village, runs care service Home Angels in Chorley.

She told the Guardian how two of her home carers, Matty Cain and Natalie Winstanley, were on the way to look after a patient for end of life care when someone threw a brick at the car they were travelling in.

“They were driving up Harpers Lane at night and kids threw half a brick at the car,” said Nicolla, 34. “Matty slammed on the brakes. It happened in early October in the evening at around 7pm and the weather was bad.

“He pulled over at the side of the road. There was a massive dint in the body of the car.

“I’ve reported this kind of thing a few times and I am now getting to the point where I tell the carers not to drive up Harper’s Lane.

“The kids who are doing this should come and see what carers do for people and how important their work is.”

Speaking of the incident Matty, 26, who had been on the way to look after a patient, said: “I was driving down Harper’s Lane and I was going past some bushes and a heard this thud.

“I just slammed on my brakes. I didn’t know what it was and I started panicking.

“Natalie got out to look at the car but it was to dark to see anything.

“If the brick had hit my windscreen it definitely would have smashed it.”

The incident made team leader Matty and home carer Natalie late for their patient appointment.

Nicolla said: “We look after people will end of life illnesses. Often they have been through cancer and they don’t want to be in hospital. They want to be at home.

“Its really important work. You visit them four times a day to change their positions and look after their personal care.

“If our carers are late it has a knock on effect on their pain management.

“Also our patients get quite anxious if people are late. We go to keep them happy and to reassure them.”

Elsewhere Karen Foster, a Chorley resident commenting on Facebook, warned that a major accident was waiting to happen.

She said: “Be aware if driving up Harpers Lane at night time. Gangs of young lads hiding in St Joseph’s Church garden and St Peter’s graveyard launching bricks and large stones at cars passing by.

“One hit my roof. They are going to cause an accident.”

It comes as police in Chorley have identified a rise in eggs and stones being thrown at cars in the Chorley town centre and Harpers Lane area.

A statement issued by Chorley police said: “It’s anti-social behaviour and could result in police dealing with you formally for criminal damage if the missiles cause damage to vehicles or property.

“Worse still, what if the egg lands on the windscreen of a moving vehicle and obstructs the driver’s view of the road? Then you might have a serious accident on your conscience.

“Officers have been patrolling the areas affected and have spoken to and taken details from a number of youths in the area.

“We take these incidents very seriously and are working with local schools, shops, councils, CCTV owners, housing associations and other partners to stop further incidents from happening.”

To report similar incidents to officer call 101 or register it online http://socsi.in/NrLGa

Email names, addresses, photos or videos of the people responsible to [email protected]