Community fire station opens

A £4m new community fire station will open its doors this week and is set to cut deaths from blazes across Lancashire.

The state-of-the art facility on Washington Lane in Euxton will not only be looking to lower response times but also bring other benefits to the people of Chorley and further afield.

John Taylor, spokesman for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “When they are coming up with the locations of new fire stations they do some tests to see how accessible to the majority of incidents they are called to.

“The site on Washington Lane is on the major road networks such as the motorways which they deal with a lot of road traffic incidents.

“This way they can try to deal with more fires quicker.

“But apart from that the Community Fire Station element means they have offices that can be used by local groups.

“That way they are coming into the fire station and we can talk to them about improving their fire safety.

“Even though figures say fighting fires are down, there is always a goal to reduce them happening in the first place.”

Mr Taylor added that the old Chorley Fire Station on Weldbank Lane built in 1962 was like a growing number across the county where it was harder to provide fire safety advice.

He said: “Chorley is going to play a key role in cutting down on fires in the community.

“The crews have just been putting the final few things in place to start this week in the new station.

“It is a very exciting move for the fire service.

“In the past, firefighters have adapted to conditions in some of the old stations such as Chorley but now there is this state-of-the-art building with everything they need.”