Conflict over road’s chicanes

Coun Ralph Snape on Devonshire Road in Chorley
Coun Ralph Snape on Devonshire Road in Chorley
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A town centre traffic calming measure is causing road rage.

Residents and motorists say they have had enough of chicanes on Devonshire Road.

There’s a call for the chicanes – there’s one near Collinson Avenue and another at the other end of the road at Gillibrand Walks – to be removed.

Ward borough councillor Ralph Snape agreed and said there were enough traffic calming measures on the road, including humps and 20mph speed limits.

Coun Snape said: “There are seven different calming humps. We have 20mph signs up. So why do we need these chicanes?”

Regarding the one near Collinson Road, he said: “There’s like a bollard on each side.

“A vehicle has knocked one down and it’s ridiculous they should be there.

“I’ve come back on the bus this morning and it’s not the first time it’s done this, it cuts over the corner of the chicane.

“Safety numbers, to me, have gone down because they’ve put the speed limits on Devonshire Road and also humps.

“The chicanes are a waste of time for cars. They have to wait for one lot to come through.

“The amount of people who have got sick of waiting, using fuel in their cars.

“And my worry is, what if an ambulance or fire engine needed to get through?

“All we needed there to get people across is a small crossing. The residents don’t want the chicanes.

“It only seems to be certain people that are telling county hall that they want them.”

However, Lancashire county councillor Steve Holgate, whose division is Chorley West, disagreed.

He said: “There are a number of residents that feel they are a nuisance.

“I put this to the highways department, senior officers there, and asked them to take a look at it.

“They have come back to me and said they recognise it slows traffic down, but that’s part of the reason they are there.

“They looked at statistics prior to them being there and there were ‘x’ amount of statistics, and since they have been put there, there has been a significant reduction in accidents and it would be foolish for them to recommend them to be removed and they will not be


“The benefit of reducing accidents, particularly to pedestrians, is overwhelming and I can’t really go against officers who are trained to do these things.

“There’s a very strong case for keeping them. But I will always review it, and it might well happen they are renoved with the reconfiguration of the town centre and piazza.”