Could derelict pub the Swan with Two Necks in Chorley become restaurant?

It's been sitting empty for seven years since its controversial landlord left but a landmark Lancashire pub could finally be given a new lease of life.

Wednesday, 9th August 2017, 4:13 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:20 pm
The Swan With Two Necks.

Since it closed in 2010 the Swan With Two Necks in Chorley has become a town centre eyesore.

But now it has been sold to Chorley-based Workspace Properties and plans are afoot to transform the once popular nightspot.

Workspace director Rob Jones said plans are being put together at the moment but declined to give any further details.

Photo: David Hurst

However, there has been speculation the pub could be turned into a restaurant.

Chorley Council councillor Adrian Lowe, who represents Chorley North East, said: “The last time I got information I was told that it was being sold to turn into an Italian restaurant.

“If the intention of the new owners is to turn it into a new restaurant that would be quite a boost to the economy.

“We have to see the plans but by the sounds of it it’s good news. It will certainly close up an eyesore in the town and be a benefit to the area.

The Swan With Two Necks.

“We’ve been trying to establish what the future of the pub is for years but we’ve spent most of the time making sure it was boarded up properly. One time we even discovered someone sleeping there.

“It’s in a derelict state so that makes it important that the new owners develop it soon to get rid of the eyesore.

“The general area needs a facelift and as long as it’s an appropriate development it would be welcome.”

Seven years ago, licensee Denise Hogan and her husband Nick left the Hollinshead Street pub after eight years.

Photo: David Hurst

In 2008, they completed a £160,000 refurbishment of the site.

As they left, the timber decking was ripped up, trees were cut down and fixtures inside were taken out.

The pub was visited by council officers, police and bailiffs.

The Swan With Two Necks.