Councillor wants action over derelict buildings

A mess: Coun Kim Snape outside a derelict house
A mess: Coun Kim Snape outside a derelict house
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Homeowners are coming under increased pressure to sort out their properties after being accused of “ruining” a Chorley village.

Four houses on Railway Road, Brinscall, have been left to rot and are now derelict.

One house reportedly has a tree growing inside it.

County Coun Kim Snape along with ward councillors Chris and Margaret France are calling on the homeowners to sort out their properties.

Coun Snape said: “Residents have been complaining for a long time, I appreciate things do happen to the homeowners but it isn’t fair to the people in the area.

“It’s ruining the village and it devalues the properties in the area, Brinscall is a beautiful place and to leave these houses is terrible for the environment of the area.”

Coun Snape has alerted Chorley Council and she hopes they can help resolve the matter.

She added: “This is a reoccurring problem now, I know the council have spoken to one of the home owners but he keeps saying the same thing and nothing happens.

“We want to get the message out in the open and try to get something sorted.

“I think we need to name and shame these people as it isn’t fair on the neighbours.”

Lesley-Ann Fenton, Director of Partnerships, Planning and Policy at Chorley Council, said: “We are aware of the empty properties on Railway Road in Brinscall and as part of our statutory duties we regularly monitor these properties to ensure there is no open access or risk to the public.

“We realise these types of properties are an inconvenience to people living in the surrounding area and are regularly in contact with the owners to encourage them to improve them. We are currently looking at options as to how we can do more to resolve these issues.”