Burglar falls 10ft from upstairs window at pub

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A bungling burglar is in hospital after falling from a bedroom window during a botched attempt to rob a village pub.

The 54-year-old suffered serious leg and back injuries after plunging 10 feet in a desperate attempt to escape from the living quarters of the Crown Hotel, in Croston.

The Crown Hotel in Croston, scene of a bungled pub burglary

The Crown Hotel in Croston, scene of a bungled pub burglary

“He’s lucky – he could have died for the sake of a couple of quid,” said landlord Rob Thornton, whose pet beagle Winston was injured trying to protect the premises.

“When he hit the ground he was in agony and people ran out to see how he was.

“But that’s as far as the sympathy went. It was his own fault.”

An accomplice, said to be in his 60s, who was acting as lookout on the pub stairs, fled during the pandemonium.

Police are now waiting to question the casualty in the Royal Preston Hospital.

It is believed he has a broken leg, a broken ankle and a possible spinal injury.

The two men, said to be smartly dressed, walked into the packed Crown over the busy bank holiday weekend. But instead of buying a drink they made straight for the door to the upstairs accommodation.

“The pub was packed but a member of staff got suspicious that they had come in and then vanished,” said Rob who has been running the refurbished Crown with his partner Joanne Bentley for 13 months.

“Joanne went to look and came across one of the blokes sitting on the stairs. She got past him and ran upstairs and found the other bloke rifling through our bedroom.

“She challenged him and when I got there he was half in and half out of the bedroom window trying to get away.

“Joanne had hold of him and so I grabbed him and told her to call the police.

“He was wriggling like a snake and trying to kick me in the head with the foot that was still in the bedroom. Then he fell out. It’s only about 10 feet down but he hit the ground hard.

“When I got outside he was still trying to get away, pulling himself up using the outdoor furniture, even though he was clearly hurt. We just told him to get back down on the floor and wait for the ambulance to come.

“No-one seemed to have much sympathy for him, especially when they heard Winston had been given a good kicking.

“He has been very subdued since then. He can’t settle and has been cowering down.”

A police spokesman said: “A man is in hospital after apparently falling out of an upstairs window trying to escape from the living quarters of a pub in Croston. At this stage no-one has been arrested.”