Chorley takeaway driver stabs colleague and forces manager to 'eat chicken'  after making food poisoning accusations

A knife wielding takeaway employee launched a terrifying attack on colleagues after accusing his employers of giving him chicken that made him ill.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 2:14 pm
The scene at Chester's takeaway

Amir Tavakoli, 54, of Preston New Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to wounding Waqar Ahmed outside Chester's in Pall Mall, Chorley on May 11, during a mental health episode.

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Man, 54, sectioned after a stabbing in Chorley

He also admitted assaulting manager, Mosan Iqbal - whom he hit and forced to eat two pieces of chicken the defendant had asked for at the shop earlier in his shift.

The scene at Chester's takeaway

By fortune an armed police officer was passing the scene in a vehicle as Tavakoli stabbed a fellow worker with a 12 inch kitchen knife.

The officers intervened and drew their Taser and a side arm, Preston Crown Court was told.

Recorder Nicholas Clarke told him he had "lost all self control", but said it was important the public understood his criminal culpability was reduced by his illness at the time, meaning he could impose a community order with mental health treatment for 12 months.

He added he had the victims injuries "at the forefront of his mind" and "can well understand what a frightening incident this must have been."

Prosecuting, Richard Archer said: "The defendant began his shift at 4pm and it was apparent to Mr Iqbal all was not well.

"The defendant was throwing his head around as he was talking and throwing items around the takeaway.

"He enquired into his welfare and asked if they could speak with one another. He asked to be given some chicken and then left on a delivery.

"On his return Mr Iqbal took the defendant to his flat, whereupon the defendant told him he had been given food poisoning from eating chicken from the takeaway.

"At that the defendant became aggressive and argumentative and shouted: "'Why have you poisoned me?', while hitting him with his hand.

"The defendant then pulled out two pieces of chicken and forced him to eat them, as if to make the point about the chicken being poisoned.

"He then kicked him before heading downstairs."

The victim then heard shouting from downstairs, where Tavakoli had armed himself with two 12 inch kitchen knives.

Employee Waqar Ahmed was bleeding from his abdomen.

As he tried to run away from him he was slashed to his head.

Mr Archer added: " He was using his arms to try and protect himself from the blows.

"The defendant shouted at Mr Ahmed: 'That's it, sit down.' "

Moments later the officers entered.

Mr Ahmed had suffered a two centimetre cut to his left upper abdomen, cuts of eight centimetres and three centimetres to his scalp, and various abrasions.

In an interview Tavakoli, who is from Iran and has no previous convictions, alleged the men had armed themselves and he had disarmed them.

The court heard he had suffered a psychotic illness in past, and a persistent delusional disorder which had been medicated - but was not always compliant with medication.

Defending Janet Ironfield said he had ceased using cannabis and was supported in court by his sister and nephew.