Five penalty points and £40 fine for Chorley shoplifter Sara Hesmondhalgh who struck Tesco security guard in her car and fled

Tesco, Buckshaw Village
Tesco, Buckshaw Village

A security guard who was deliberately rammed by a shoplifting motorist today spoke of his frustration as she was sentenced.

Harry Carson suffered knee injuries as he tried to stop theif Sara Louise Hesmondhalgh, of Mosley Street, Leyland.

The 30-year-old defendant drive into him as he tried in vain to stop her and her accomplice leaving Tesco in Buckshaw Village on December 16 last year.

In evidence Mr Carson said he had seen two women get into the car after putting the loot inside.

After striking him, Hesmondhalgh then reversed the rented Vauxhall Mokka and managed to manoeuvre away from the scene, with bags of stolen alcohol in the car.


She was found guilty of charges of assault and failing to stop after an accident, after a trial took place in her absence at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

In a further hearing to sentence her, Hesmondhalgh avoided being disqualified from driving, instead receiving five penalty points.

She was given a drug treatment order, rehabilitation activity requirement, a £40 fine and was ordered to pay Mr Carson £60 of compensation.

Prosecutors said she was “clearly aware” that she had struck the individual.

Today Mr Carson, who has since left his job, said: “I feel as though the sentencing was not a true reflection of her intentions on that day, but hopefully it is enough to deter her from offending in the future.

The court previously heard the car drove forward two to three times and made contact with both his knees.

He had to go to A and E with bruising, and was subsequently off work for three days.