House closed in Leyland after months of anti-social behaviour

A house in Leyland has been closed for a period of three months after neighbours' lives were made a "misery" by months of drunken parties and criminal damage, say police.

Tuesday, 15th August 2017, 12:16 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:46 pm
An Antisocial Behaviour closure notice was originally served on July 29.
An Antisocial Behaviour closure notice was originally served on July 29.

Preston Magistrates Court granted the anti-social behaviour closure order on August 14 after hearing how police had received repeated complaints from residents about anti-social behaviour at the property on Mendip Road.

The closure order, which was granted under Section 11, of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act, comes after a catalogue of complaints were received by police about serious nuisance and disorder.

As well as drunken parties and criminal damage, these also included loud swearing and shouting, public drinking, litter and abuse and threats towards neighbours.

Police are warning people not to enter the property

Residents and the police presented the court a catalogue of evidence describing the "nightmare" situation. The court was also given a number of witness statements from those living nearby.

After hearing the evidence, the court ordered that the property be closed down for three months, during which time anyone found entering the property will be arrested and could face a fine or imprisonment.

The property, which is understood to have been rented via a social housing provider, has now been secured with the details of the closure order posted on the door.

The resident has now moved out.

Police are warning people not to enter the property

Neighbourhood Policing Sgt Paul Harrison said: “This house and the activity taking place there had become a nightmare for local residents, making their lives a misery. The closure order should now bring the local people some much needed respite.

“We are committed to making sure that our communities are not blighted by this type of behaviour and will continue to use tactics such as closure orders to rid areas of such nuisance.”

The resident was originally served with an ASB closure notice on July 29.

Closure Orders are formal sanctions that allow the police and the council to quickly close premises which are being used, or are likely to be used to commit nuisance or disorder. The orders can be applied for a maximum of three months.

Anyone with any information or concerns about anti-social behaviour can contact police on 101 or the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.