Mum-of-three attacked in domestic abuse case

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An abusive man left the mother of his children fearing he had broken her nose.

Ben James, 33, attacked the woman twice in a three day period at her home in Adlington, Preston Magistrates’ Court heard, but admitted the assaults on the basis there was “violence from both sides”.

Magistrates' Court

Magistrates' Court

In her statement, the victim said they had been in an on off relationship for nine years, in which there had been previous incidents.

Prosecuting, Alan Bakker said: “She does refer to previous matters in her statement but says candidly she always drops the charges and ends up taking him back.

“On November 25 last year there was an argument, both were physical with each other and he accepts he hit her to the right of her jaw.

“On November 29 there is another argument and he accepts during the argument he damaged an ornamental penguin and internet box, and hit her on the nose, causing it to bleed.”

The court heard she suffered sever swelling and at first it was believed her nose was broken until an X-ray could be taken once the swelling subsided.

Mr Bakker added: “ She said nobody has the right or authority to assault her.”

Representing himself, James, now of Preston Road, Standish, was watched by his new partner in the public gallery as he admitted assault and criminal damage.

The father-of-three said: “I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”

The bench imposed a restraining order, curfew and rehabilitation requirement, and ordered him to have drug treatment.

He must also pay £130 compensation, a £50 fine, an £85 surcharge and £250 costs.