Public react humorously after Chorley police find wallet with drugs and ID inside

When police found a wallet with drugs and an ID in it, the public reacted predictably.

Tuesday, 13th August 2019, 10:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th August 2019, 11:46 am
Police said the wallet was found on a bus in Chorley.

In a post of Facebook officers say they found the wallet on a bus in Chorley, and gave the culprit some advice.

"Today's top tip! If you store your drugs and your ID in your wallet," they wrote, "don't leave that wallet on a bus!"

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Police said the wallet was found on a bus in Chorley.

The announcement proved popular with the public, who took to the comment section to join in the fun.

"So that’s where my wallet is can I have it back please?"

Jake Doughty

"Is this still available?"

Kris Talb

"Please can I have it back you can keep the drugs."

Danny Onit Mcdonald

"Where can I collect?"

Lee Thomas

"Did your mother not bring you up right, and teach you not go threw other peoples belongings?"

David Johnson

"Probably just a bit of flour when baking a cake."

Paul 'Aggy' Adlam