Victim tells of Preston bikejacking terror

Ian Oswald, 20, was 'bikejacked' for his Honda sports bike in Preston, getting headbutted twice and almost getting his arm broken in the process
Ian Oswald, 20, was 'bikejacked' for his Honda sports bike in Preston, getting headbutted twice and almost getting his arm broken in the process
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A referee has told of the terrifying moment he suffered a violent broad daylight ‘bikejacking’ in Preston.

Twenty-year-old Ian Oswald was riding his Honda CBR125r sports bike to visit his father in Buckshaw Village, when he decided to call in at Preston to see a friend.

When he pulled up at a familiar meeting spot in Wallend Road at Preston docks, a mugger jumped out from behind some trees and attacked the football referee, headbutting him and twisting his arm violently before he handed over the keys.

The mugger sped off on the £4,000 motorcycle after threatening to return with a knife to inflict more violence on his victim.

Ian said: “I parked my motorbike, chained it up to be secure and was chatting with my friend, when in less than five minutes, this man came out of some nearby trees with a stick.

“He was approaching me from behind and my friend was giving me the eye, telling me to look behind me.

“The thief demanded I give him my keys twice, and twice I said no, so then he headbutted me twice in the nose, and twisted my right arm so hard I thought it was going to snap.

“I ended up dropping the keys and he picked them up.

“He was warning us to stay away from him, saying that if we came close he’d come back with a knife and brain us. Then he jumped on the bike and drove off.

“My instinct was to see where he was going, but I only saw that he turned right, before I lost track.”

Ian, who lives in Salford, has described the thief as a white man, between 20 to 25 years old, of stocky build and approximately 5’9” tall.

The police have not been able to trace the bike or the thief, but Ian said the distinctive bike, which is in Repsol racing colours, has been seen in the Larches estate by his friend.

He added: “I was badly shaken up by it, and although I got checked out at hospital, I wasn’t badly hurt.

“What worries me most is that this happened in broad daylight. It’s very frightening to think that this kind of thing can happen.”

Ian had had the bike since February. The registration is PF64 SZO.

A spokesman for Preston Police, said: “This was an extremely frightening incident for the victim to have gone through and we would appeal for anyone who may have seen anything suspicious in the area at the relevant time to get in touch with us. The stolen motorbike has distinctive orange wheels and it may be that someone may have seen the motorbike after the offence or a person riding one as described.”