Warning issued after girls are followed by driver in silver car in Coppull in two separate instances

Fears over drivers believed to be following young girls in Coppull have prompted two householders to issue a warning.

Monday, 30th April 2018, 6:35 pm
Updated Monday, 30th April 2018, 6:41 pm
Fears over drivers believed to be following young girls in Coppull have promoted two householders to issue a warning.

Mothers of the two girls, who were both followed by a driver in a silver car, have also called for residents with CCTV cameras to get in touch.

Writing on social media, one parent said: "Please be vigilant that there are two reports of a silver car that has followed, kerb crawled, girls in our village.

"Please remind your children of the dangers of approaching strangers or vehicles asking directions.

"The first incident happened on Saturday, April 21, around 9pm near to Poplar Drive, Chapel Lane and Hurstbrook involving a silver estate car.

"The second incident was on Saturday, April 28 around 6pm on Grange Drive and Spendmore Lane, near to Tansley Avenue, involving a silver car."

"This involved my 11-year-old daughter who felt uncomfortable to walk through the ginnel, as there was a male she didn’t recognise and she felt wary, so walked the longer way round to the entrance of Grange Drive.

"She was then aware of a silver car stopping for no reason at the kerb near to her, causing her to cross over and when she reappeared, the car followed her again on Spendmore Lane, stopping at the kerb, with no one getting in or out.

"She came home and told us straight away. This has never happened before and she felt really concerned by it."

A spokesman for Lancashire Constabulary said: "At 6pm on Saturday, April 28 an 11-year-old girl has gone to the shop.

"While she was walking she noticed a silver car in the area.

"She saw the car and she saw it again on another street. She went home and reported it to one of her parents.

"We have spoken to the girl and her parents there are no offences. It has been classed as suspicious circumstances. If we get more reports it may be something for us to look into again."

The police spokesman said he did not have any records of the incident on Saturday, April 21. It is not clear if the two incidents are connected.

Separately Standish High School in Kenyon Road, Standish, has also issued a warning to parents by text.

It warns of a man, believed to be Eastern European in his 30s and wearing glasses beckoning female pupils to get off the 362 bus every Friday.

The message, which was sent out in a text, urges parents to report any incidents to Greater Manchester Police.