Curfew for road rage cyclist

Preston Magistrates Court
Preston Magistrates Court
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A CYCLIST assaulted a motorist who he claims “cut him up” as he overtook him.

John Snape, 38, of Leyland Lane, Leyland, smashed driver Matthew Wood’s window, showering him in glass and leaving him bleeding in an incident on Heald House Lane, Leyland, on July 24.

He was given a curfew after pleading guilty to assault and criminal damage at Preston Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecuting, Martine Connah said: “Matthew Woods was driving to work in his Ford Fiesta at around 7am and was driving towards Buckshaw Village. He describes overtaking a man on a mountain bike. He says he gave him ample room.”

She said Mr Wood was 
waiting in the left hand lane at nearby traffic lights when he heard a thud and saw the cyclist approaching. He rode past and went to the front of the car and dropped his bike on the ground. Ms Connah added: “He was shouting ‘I’m going to kill you - you’re a dead man’.

“He replied ‘Why, what have I done?’ He was spitting as he was shouting.

“He then went to front of car and Mr Woods locked the doors. The defendant tried to open the door but couldn’t. He punched the window sending glass all over Mr Woods. There was glass all over his face and upper body and his face was bleeding.

“Mr Woods said he was shocked and didn’t understand why he was so angry.”

The court heard Snape told officers the driver had “cut him up”, forcing him onto the kerb and described it as a “moment of madness”.

Defending David Scully said: “This is an incident Mr Snape bitterly regrets. When he was cycling on the morning of this incident he indicates due to his perceived closeness he forced the bike onto the pavement.

“I think initially he wanted to gently remonstrate with the driver but sadly the redness descended.”