Customers cashing in on chance for cheaper loans

Julie Greenwood Manager, Jemma Whitford employee and Linda Campbell a happy customer
Julie Greenwood Manager, Jemma Whitford employee and Linda Campbell a happy customer
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People are being encouraged to come on down to the Unify Credit Union.

The store on Market Street has made a huge impact in the town because of its cheap interest rates for loans, attracting 223 new members since its opening on August 6.

And staff at the store are saying it is getting busier every week as people look to take advantage of the excellent rates the store can offer.

Happy customer Linda Campbell said: “It has been a real benefit to myself and gives me a great way to save.”

And manager Julie Greenwood said: “People have told us it’s nice to be treated like a human being for once.

“Customers have come in to the store after having problems with other lenders – one borrowed £450 over two weeks and had to pay back an extra £62.27 in interest.

“If they had borrowed that amount with us, they would have paid an extra £3.12.”

The Credit Union shop has come in for praise from many, including Coun Alistair Bradley, leader of Chorley Council, who is delighted with the impact it has made.

He said: “I am extremely pleased with the success of the Credit Union so far.

“It has been exceptionally well received by the whole community.

“It has boosted awareness that people can lend and borrow at much better rates than the banks.

“At this time of year, people will be saving or taking out loans for Christmas.

“So if you want a safe and trusted place to do this, then why not do it at the Credit


“You can often get better rates than other places, and a much better alternative to payday loan companies, which charge extortionate amounts in interest payments.

“I have opened an account there myself and would definitely recommend anybody else who is considering it to do so.

“The staff there are wonderful and so helpful, you can pop in at any time and they will assist you with whatever you need and supply you with all the relevant information.”