Cut speed on road to stop an accident say residents

Railway Road, in Adlington
Railway Road, in Adlington
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A campaign has been launched to reduce the speed limit on a residential road.

Adlington Parish Council, along with County Councillor Kim Snape and residents, want the speed limit on Railway Road, Adlington, to be reduced.

Currently the limit is 30mph.

Last year, Adlington Parish Council asked Lancashire County Council to reduce the speed limit to 20mph.

However, that request was rejected.

LCC say the road is too busy to be considered for a 20mph limit but it has put speed indicator devices on the road to alert drivers.

Part of Railway Road is currently closed to motorists as the bridge is being modified as part of Network Rail’s work electrifying the train track.

Adlington mayor Dan Croft said: “There are plenty of cars parking on the road - the houses are terraced so it’s the only place they can park on the road.

“Businesses and a school are also on the road, so I think LCC needs to seriously consider making a site visit.

“We at the parish council are pleased they have put the speed indicators on the site but I think a site visit is definitely in order.”

Coun Snape added: “It will be worse when the road re-opens.

“Even if they made it a temporary 20mph road whilst it re-opens I think that’s a start but for me it needs doing permanently.

“There has been plenty of near misses on that road before as it’s so narrow, a youngster nearly got clipped by a wing mirror as the car came onto the kerb .

“We’ll continue to lobby LCC about the matter.”

Paul Binks, Lancashire County Council road and transport safety manager, said: “Railway Road in Adlington is a busy through-route and as such is not suitable to be considered for a 20mph limit.

“Following concerns raised by local residents, we have asked for speed indicator devices, also known as smiley face speed signs, to be placed on this road to slow drivers down and remind them of the speed limit.

“However, if people are still concerned, we will do a traffic survey to measure the speed and volume of traffic.

“We will take this information to the speed tasking group to discuss whether the county council or police need to take any further action.”