Dad’s swine flu ordeal

'Lucky to be alive': Ciar�n Curran back home with wife Sue and son Roraigh
'Lucky to be alive': Ciar�n Curran back home with wife Sue and son Roraigh

A father has revealed how a suspected winter sniffle nearly killed him.

Ciaran Curran, 34, from Adlington, feared he would not see his young son grow up, after contracting swine flu.

Within days, he was fighting for life in Royal Preston Hospital’s critical care unit, and when he failed to respond to treatment, doctors put him into a medically-induced coma.

Ciaran, who is married to Sue and has a two-year-old son Roraigh, said: “I live a relatively healthy lifestyle. I am hardly ever sick, so it was a real shock.”

Ciaran’s ordeal began towards the end of December, with flu-like symptoms.

But a few days later, Ciaran woke to find he was struggling to breathe and his wife immediately made him an emergency appointment with his GP.

Ciaran added: “My GP rang the Royal Preston Hospital and arranged for me to be taken there straight away by ambulance. I could hardly breathe.”

Ciaran’s condition deteriorated and he was taken to the hospital’s critical care unit as his breathing was getting worse.

Ciaran, a manager at Fredericks Dairies, said: “I don’t remember most of the first couple of days,as I was delirious.”

Tests revealed Ciaran had swine flu, pneumonia and a bacterial infection.

After a few days, when Ciaran failed to respond to drugs, doctors told Sue they would have to put him into a medically induced coma immediately, to protect his brain, and ventilate him.

After six days, Ciaran was brought back around. His ventilator tube was taken out and he underwent a tracheostomy, where his windpipe was cut into, so a tube could be attached to help him breathe.

Since then, Ciaran has gradually recovered and is now delighted to be back home with Roraigh and Sue.

He said: “The whole experience was frightening, as you feel so helpless. The care I received was superb and I am very lucky I survived.”

Sue, 35, a teacher, said: “The most frightening time was when doctors told me there was a chance Ciaran might not make it.”